ELAN Techie Update Episode 51

Welcome to ELAN Techie Update Episode 51

In today’s episode:

  • 7.1.559 Firmware Update
  • g! Training - Advanced
  • Dropbox
  • …and finally

7.1.559 Firmware Update:

In the latest 7.1.559 Firmware for g1, gSC2 & gSC10 there is an updated Sonos driver. The driver now has support for Deezer and Tunein Radio





The driver currently supports navigation and playback of local music as well as Favourites and Playlists. The folks in the states are able to have direct control of Pandora through the driver. TuneIn and Spotify are due shortly making Sonos quite a powerful add-on for ELAN g!

This firmware also has driver updates for the latest Denon and Marantz receivers.


g! Training - Advanced:

 We are running an advanced ELAN g! training course covering advanced event mapping with Booleans and Variables, custom pages and slaves zones – as well as much more. If you’d like further information on this course or any future ELAN g! training then feel free to drop me or Stef an email.




UPDATE: Plex drivers added with a variant customised for Raspberry Pi

 As extensive as the drivers built in to ELAN are there are still a few that we still get asked for. So we have started a Dropbox folder share with IR drivers, icons, serial codes as well as the latest firmware’s. To take part simply send me your email address and you will get an invite from Dropbox. Dropbox will automatically sync any updates to your laptop, so you will not need an internet connection onsite to use it.

 The folder currently has codes for Sky, Roku (IP), XBMC/kodi , Apple TV as well as some handy icons:

 1 2 3 4 5

…And Finally

They made more….


**Contains Strong Language**

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